August 22, 2023  |  Firm News


By: AYD Law

AYD LAW, a prestigious law firm located in the heart of Times Square, celebrated its commitment to teamwork and employee appreciation with a spectacular Broadway Day outing to the Tony Award-winning musical “Hadestown.” The event, which unfolded just a 4-minute walk from the firm’s office, provided AYD LAW’s dedicated team with an unforgettable night of theater and camaraderie.

The choice of “Hadestown,” renowned for its captivating storytelling and soulful music, was a natural fit for AYD LAW’s Broadway Day. This critically acclaimed production, set in a mythic New Orleans-inspired underworld, weaves a timeless narrative of love, hope, and the transformative power of music.

The AYD LAW team, comprising lawyers, paralegals, administrative staff, and partners, congregated at the historic Walter Kerr Theatre, mere steps from their workplace, teeming with anticipation and excitement.

AYD LAW’s Broadway Day, situated just steps away from their Times Square office, exemplifies the firm’s dedication to recognizing the hard work and commitment of its employees while fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. It also highlights the unique advantage of their prime location for cultural enrichment and professional development opportunities.

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AYD is a premier boutique law firm headquartered in the heart of Manhattan’s iconic Times Square. With a strong focus on business immigration, we have established ourselves as leaders in this specialized field. As a testament to our success and dedication, we have expanded our services to encompass real estate, business law, media & entertainment law, and more.

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