AYD Law Firm Summer Subway Series – Yankees vs. Mets


July 25, 2023  |  Firm News

AYD LAW FIRM Summer Subway Series – Yankees vs. Mets

By: AYD Law

AYD Law Firm is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the highly anticipated AYD LAW FIRM SUMMER SUBWAY SERIES, which took place on July 25, 2023. This thrilling event brought together our valued clients, colleagues, and friends for an unforgettable day of baseball rivalry, camaraderie, and celebration.

Held at Yankee Stadium, the AYD LAW FIRM SUMMER SUBWAY SERIES showcased the enduring passion for baseball that unites our community. Attendees enjoyed premium seating and an up-close view of the action as the New York Yankees faced off against the New York Mets.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring our AYD community together for an exciting day at the ballpark,” said Tina Ye, Managing Partner at AYD Law Firm. “The Subway Series is a cherished tradition that reflects our city’s rich baseball history and the spirit of friendly competition.”

The event was a resounding success, fostering networking opportunities and the creation of lasting connections among attendees. AYD Law Firm remains committed to excellence and community engagement, and the AYD LAW FIRM SUMMER SUBWAY SERIES exemplified these values.

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